2022 January Thaw Redux Bonspiel

April 2-3, 2022

(This bonspiel was originally scheduled for 8-9 January 2022, but had to be cancelled due to revised provincial gathering restrictions brought on by a resurgence in Coronavirus cases.)

The Finalists

A-Division Winners
Team Ferguson from Glooscap
A-Division Consolation
Team Willsey from Berwick
B-Division Winners
Team Boekema from Greenwood
B-Division Consolation
Team Eaton from Middleton
C-Division Winners
Team Reesor from Middleton
C-Division Consolation
Team Vaughn from Berwick

The Participants

Team Burnard from Windsor
Arnold Burnard, Jocelyn Nix, Randy Lake, Theresa McKay
Team Greene from Middleton
Bruce Johnson, Susan Coulter, Joanne Crocker, Rick Greene
Team Reesor from Middleton
Ian Reesor, Nancy Acker, Heather Reesor, David Acker
Team Litas from Greenwood
Lisa DeMont, Paul Perry, Caroline Litas, Tom Litas
Team Willsey from Berwick
Lisa Willsey, Brad Schurman, Jennifer Smith, Andrew Willsey
Team Robar from Middleton
Tom MacNeil, Bonnie Morine, David Coulter, Cindy Robar
Team C. Spidle from Middleton
Nathan Parker, Cody Spidle, Emily Sidle, Megan Annand
Team Ferguson from Glooscap
Nancy Belliveau, Bailey Ross, Kim Garby, John Ferguson
Team Vaughn from Berwick
Bill Milne, Bev Vaughn, Connie Milne, Danny Vaughn
Team Eaton from Middleton
Nicole Tidman, Bill Eaton, Jadyn Phinney, Graham Bell
Team Boekema from Greenwood
Darlene Boekema, John Boekema, Terry Peters, Hazel McEwan
Team D. Spidle from Middleton
Greg Marshall, Carol Mahar, Jim Marshall, Dawn Spidle

The Organizers

Bonspiel assistant Dawn Spidle with bonspiel host Karen Sotvedt
Many thanks to all participants, organizers, and helpers.