2019 Spring is Here Funspiel

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Team Kielback
Gerald Grant, Micheline Kennedy, Nancy Acker, Ron Kielback
First Place - Team Kielback
Micheline Kennedy, Gerald Grant, Nancy Acker, Ron Kielback
Team Coulter
Joanne Crocker, Dave Coulter, Karla Britney, Marcy Gaul
Second Place - Team Coulter
Karla Britney, Dave Coulter,Joanne Crocker, Marcy Gaul
Team Morris
Andy McWilliams, Bonnie Morine, Allen Morris, Graham Bell
Third Place -Team Morris
Graham Bell, Andy McWilliams, Bonnie Morine, Allen Morris
Team Newman
Bryce Smith, Adam Newman, Cole Sawler, Matthew Newman
Fourth Place -Team Newman
Matthew Newman, Cole Sawler, Adam Newman, Bryce Smith
Team Huebner
Tim Wilkinson, Jean Fry, Donna Parsons, Richard Huebner
Fifth Place - Team Huebner
Tim Wilkinson, Donna Parsons, Jean Fry, Richard Huebner
Team Mahar
Carol Mahar, Karen Sotvedt, Heather Reesor, Susan Coulter
Sixth Place -Team Mahar
Carol Mahar, Susan Coulter, Karen Sotvedt, Heather Reesor
Team Reesor
(Buddy McKay), John England, Kathy MCKay, Ian Reesor
Seventh Place -Team Reesor
Buddy McKay, Ian Reesor, Kathy MCKay,John England
Team Dominie
Laura Grant, Bill Horsman, Winston Domimie, Kent Smith
Eighth Place -Team Dominie
(Bill Horsman), Kent Smith, Laura Grant, Winston Dominie
Team Robinson
Dave Acker, Dante Armstrong, Ank Burke, Peter Robinson
Ninth Place - Team Robinson
Dave Acker, Dante Armstrong, Peter Robinson, Ank Burke
Team Morley
Karen Morley, John Thompson, Sue Smith, Steven Martin
Tenth Place - Team Morley
(Sue Smith), John Thompson, Karen Morley, Steven Martin
Team Burke
Jim Sotvedt, Carolyn Anderson, Angela Banks, Gerard Burke
Eleventh Place - Team Burke
Jim Sotvedt, Angela Banks, Carolyn Anderson, (Gerard Burke)
Team Smith
Ernie Killen, Bob Smith, Carol Stynes-Martin, Theresa Smith
Twelfth Place - Team Smith
Theresa Smith, Ernie Killen, Carol Stynes-Martin, (Bob Smith)
For the fifteenth consecutive time, our sincere thanks go to Nancy and Dave Acker for organizing and hosting this popular one-day funspiel.