2019 January Thaw Mixed Bonpiel

January 12 & 13, 2019

#1 Team Illsley from Wolfville
#2 Team Spidle from Middleton
#3 Team Winters from Greenwood
#4 Team Lamb from Bridgetown
#5 Team Boekma from Greenwood
#6 Team Morley from Middleton
#7 Team Ronaldson from Greenwood
#8 Team Wright from Glooscap
#9 Team Reesor from Middleton
#10 Team Eisnor from Berwick
#11 Team Litsas from Greenwood
#12 Team Eaton from Middleton

And Now The Winners

A Division Winners - Team Spidle of Middleton
Cody Spidle, Emily Neily, Dawn Spidle, Bruce Johnson
A Division Runners-Up - Team Winters of Greenwood
Jerry Moulton, Sandra Cathcart, Patsy Rawding, Jerry Winters
B Division Winners - Team Litsas of Greenwood
Tom Litsas, Carolin Litsas, Rhonda Gullage, Paul Perry, Lisa DeMont
B Division Runners-Up - Team Boekma of Greenwood
Hazel McEwan, John Boekma, Donna Peters, Terry Peters
C Division Winners - Team Reesor of Middleton
Dave Acker, Nancy Acker, Ian Reesor, Heather Reesor
C Division Runners-Up - Team Illsley of Wolfville
John Illsley, Robbie Liisley, Cathy Devine, Rob Devine

Many thanks to Karen Sotvedt for organizing this popular event for yet another year,
and to all the club volunteer workers that made it a success.