Xmas Fete and Holiday Funspiel

7 December 2019

1st Place - Team Coulter
Marylin Crooks, Dave Coulter, John Chafe, (Dan Praught)
2nd Place - Team Reesor
Ian Reesor, Micheline Kennedy, Graham Bell, (no fourth member)
3rd Place - Team Greene
Dave Acker, Kathy MacKay, Colin McKinnon, Rick Greene
4th Place - Team Spidle
Sam Roop, Heather Reesor, Emerson Coulter, Cody Spidle
5th Place - Team Dominie
Steve Martin, Sue Coulter, (Joan Kuyp, Winston Domimie)
6th Place - Team Neily
Dante Armstrong, Mike McKinnon, Emily Neily, Joanne Crocker
7th Place - Team Barb Eaton
Lauren Tattersol, Barb Eaton, Katelyn Tattersol, Kristine Spidle
8th Place - Team Bill Eaton
Bonnie Morine, Carolyn Anderson., Bill Horsman, Bill Eaton
9th Place - Team Sawler
Cole Sawler, Mathew Newman, Adam Newman, Bryce Smith
10th Place -Team Drew
Larry Drew, Nancy Acker, (John England, Sue Smith)
11th Place - Team Demone
Allen Morris, Gerry Demone, Carol Stynes-Martin, Darrell Crooks
12th Place - Team Killen
Ernie Killen, Sharon Longley, Jodi Gondey, (Bob Smith)

Many thanks to Karen Sotvedt for once again organizing
and hosting this fun day of festive activity.