2018 Valentine’s Funspiel

10 February 2018

Costume Prize to Ernie Killen as Mr. Stickey
Costume Prize to Bonnie Morine as Red Hat Cowgirl
2018 Valentine's Funspiel Winners - Team C. Spidle
Dave Acker, Cody Spidle, Kathy McKay, Howard Selig (Buddy McKay)
Second Place - Team Hubner
Paul McDade, Richard Hubner, Bill Horsman (Tim Banks)
Third Place - Team Marshal
Bob Clattenburg, Sue Smith, Eric Marshall, Heather Reesor
Fourth Place - Team Morris
Norm Moffatt, Allen Morris, Rob Smith ( Dave Reid)
Fifth Place - Team Reesor
Ian Reesor, Karla Britney, Bonnie Morine, Kent Smith
Sixth Place - Team Johnson
Bruce Johnson, Becky Robar, Joan Kuyp, Graham Bell
Seventh Place - Team Morley
Karen Morley, Nancy Acker, Jum Sotvedt, Theresa Smith
Eighth Place - Team Robar
Cindy Robar, Jean Fry, Ank Burke (Doug Whynot)
Ninth Place - Team Burke
Ernie Killen, Lucille Whynot, Gerard Burke (Bob Smith)
Tenth Place - Team Newman
Mathew Newman, Bryce Smith, Cole Sawler, Adam Newman
Eleventh Place - Team Neily
Emily Neily, Andy McWilliams, Karen Sotvedt (Ron Keilback)
Twelve Place - Team D. Spidle
Dawn Spidle, Keistine Spidle, Chad Ulhman, Tina Ulhman
Thanks go to Nancy And Dave Acker for organizing this day
of fun curling for their fourteenth consecutive year.