2018 MCC Leagues Closing Funspiel

29 March 2018

Winners of the coveted "Silver Plates" - Team Eaton
Bill Eaton, Bill Horsman, Becky Robar, Kristine Spidle
Second Place - Team Johnson
Jim Marshall, Nancy Acker, Bruce Johnson, Stephany Harvey
Third Place - Team D. Spidle
Dawn Spidle, Terry Banks, Paul Saxon, ( Heather Reesor)
Fourth Place - Team Burke
Gerard Burke, Tammy Phinney, Allen Morris, Kathy McKay
Fifth Place - Team Reesor
Richard Huebner, Cindy Robar, Graham Bell, Ian Reesor
Sixth Place - Team Banks
Winston Dominie, Irwin Banks, Barb Eaton, Emily Neily, (Marcy Gaul)
Seventh Place - Team C. Spidle
Cody Spidle, Karen Sotvedt, Kent Smith, (Hannah)
Eighth Place - Team Greene
Ank Burke, Dave Acker, ( Rick Greene, Carol Maher)
Bill Eaton thanks everyone for participating.
And thank you to Bill for organizing and running this final funspiel for the 2017/2018 season.