2018 Christmas Fete and Holiday Funspiel

8 December 2018

First Place - Team D. Spidle
Sharon Longley, Lauren Tattersall, Dawn Spidle, Heather Reesor,
Second Place - Team Sawler
Cole Sawler, Mathew Newman, Adam Newman, Bryce SmithNewman, Brtce Smith
Third Place - Team Reesor
Don Praught, Ian Reesor, Emerson Coulter, (Rob Smith)
Fourth Place - Team Johnson
Bruce Johnson, Nancy Acker, Darrel Crooks, (Faith Smith)
Fifth Place - Team Killen
, Stephen Martin, Carol Mahar, Ernie Killen, Kathy Mackay
Sixth Place - Team C. Spidle
Susan Coulter, Howard Selig, (Cody Spidle), (Caroline Anderson)
Seventh Place - Team Huebner
Dave Coulter, Robyn Tress, Donna Parsons, Richard Huebner

Photo not taken.
Team left early to arrive on time for their scheduled match in Berwick.








Eighth Place – Team Parks
(Terry Parks), (Susan Parks), (Laura Grant), (Gerald Grant)

Nineth Place - Team Morley
Jim Sotvedt, Karen Morley, Andrew Crooks, (Joan Kuyp)
Tenth Place - Team Neily
Carol Stynes-Martin, Chad Uhlman, (Emily Neily), (Dave Acker)
Eleventh Place - Team Thomas
Brooke Thomas, Katelyn Tattersall, Chioe Thomas, Jadyn Phinney
Twelfth Place - Team Eaton
Bill Eaton, (Graham Bell), (Luke Smith), (Bill Horsman)

Many thanks to Karen Sotvedt and her crew for providing another successful Christmas Fete and Funspiel.
Here’s looking forward to a repeat next season.