2017 Spring is Here Funspiel

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Team MacKinnon
Dave MacNeil, Jodi Goudey, Graham Bell, Mike MacKinnon
2017 Spring-is-Here Funspiel Trophy Winners
Team MacKinnon
Team Marshall
Dave Acker, Buddy McKay, Kathy McKay, Eric Marshall
2nd Place - Team Marshall
Team Thompson
Luke Smith, John Thompson, Lucille Whynot, Howard Selig
3rd Place - Team Thompson
Team Killen
Norm Moffatt, Ernie Killen, Connie Milne, Bill Milne
4th Place - Team Killen
Team Barb Eaton
Dan Knickle, Barb Eaton, Andy McWilliams, Ian Reesor
5th Place - Team Barb Eaton
Team Johnson
Bonnie Morine, Bruce Johnson, Bill Horseman, Becky Robar
6th Place - Team Johnson
Team Eisner
Paul McDade, Carol Mahar, Wayne Eisner, Faith Smith
7th Place - Team Eisner
Team Bill Eaton
Janice Hatfield, Rob Smith, Dave Coulter, Bill Eaton
8th Place - Team Bill Eaton
Team Spidle
Cole Sawler, Matthew Newman, Adam Newman, Cody Spidle
9th Place - Team Spidle
Team Vaughn
Doug Whynot, Bev Vaughn, Jean Fry, Danny Vaughn
10th Place - Team Vaughn
Team Morris
Allen Morris, Nancy Acker, Joan Kuyp, Jim Sotvedt
11th Place - Team Morris
Team Dawn Spidle
Emily Neily, Jadyn Phinney, Chad Ulhman, Dawn Spidle
12th Place - Team Dawn Spidle
Bruce Johnson received a prize for having the best costume.
Our Junior Curlers received recognition for their coordinated costumes.
Thanks again to Dave and Nancy Acker for providing us with this day of fun and amusing curling. Thirteen years of great service.
MCC President Ian Reesor amused us by pretending summer is here.