2017 Christmas Fete and Holiday Funspiel

2 December 2017

2017 Christmas Funspiel Winners - Team C. Spidle
Cody Spidle, Adam Newman, Mathew Newman, Cole Sawler
2nd Place - Team Burke
Marcy Gaul, Dave Coulter, Joan Kuyp, Gerard Burke
3rd Place - Team D. Spidle
Christine Spidle, Emily Neily, Dawn Spidle, Susan Coulter
4th Place - Team MacDonald
Jim Sotvedt, Nancy Acker, Calvin MacDonald, Sharon Longley
5th Place - Team Marshall
Eric Marshall, Faith Smith, Rob Smith, (Tim Banks)
6th Place - Team Eaton
Dan Knickle, Dave Acker, Janice Hatfield, Bill Eaton
7th Place - Team Reesor
(Jean Fry), Ian Reesor, Ank Burke, (Graham Bell)
8th Place - Team Johnson
Bruce Johnson, Becky Robar, Richard Hubner, Lucy Whynot
9th Place - Team Morley
Doug Whynot, Karen Morley, Allen Morris, Theresa Smith
10th Place - Team Killen
Ernie Killen, Karhy McKay, Howard Selig, (Buddy McKay)
11th Place - Team Greene
Rick Greene, Heather Reesor, Carol Mahar, Bill Horsman
12th Place - Team Thompson
John Thompson, Sheryl MacDonald, (Dave Reid, John England)
Cody Spidle's Team In Action
Susan Coulter In Charge Of Ticket Sales
Bonnie Morine Receiving Kitchen Help From Karen Morley
Carol Mahar Giving Plastic Santa a Christmas Kiss
Thanks to Karen Sotvedt for organizing this year's Fete and Funspiel.