2015 Commercial League Closing

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

2014-2015 Trophy Winners: Team Gullage
Keith Gullage, Rhonda Gullage, Yvette Langille, Mike Farin
2nd Place: Team Burke
Gerald Grant, Paul Saxon. Gerard Burke, Terry Parks
3rd Place: Team Harris
Larry Drew, Valerie Drew, Jamie Harris, Josh Harris
4th Place: Team Ramey
Murray Ramey, Gloria Field, Larry Lohnes, Allen Morris (spare for Carol Maher).
5th Place: Team Keddy
Danny Lundrigan, Scott Swindell (spare for Eldon Keddy), Theresa Smith, Richard Bruce
6th Place: Team Robinson
Peter Ritcey, Angie Banks, Betty Fraser, Peter Robinson
7th Place: Team Townsend
Derek McCombs, Danny Townsend, Dave Diggins, (John Eakin)
Thanks go to Carol Maher and Peter Robinson for taking charge of the Commercial League affairs for this 2014-2015 curling season.
Thanks to Bill Mahar for these post game photos.