2012 Lola Videto “Home & Home”

18 February 2012

   In 1977 one of the members of the Middleton Curling Club approached George Videto, owner of Cash & Carry Building Supplies, and asked him if he would sponsor a trophy for a “Home & Home Competition” between the Middleton and Berwick Ladies Curling Clubs. He readily agreed but he did not want his business name on it; he wanted the event named for his good wife, Lola.
Thus, the Lola Videto Shield was born. In over 30 years we have missed only 2 years of playing for the shield.
This year, the friendly competition was held in Berwick on Saturday, February 18th.

The Lola Videto Shield was won by Middleton in 2012.
All participants are shown below.

Berwick club president Gloria Berezowski holds the Lola Videto Home and Home trophy
which was accepted by Cindy Robar, Middleton’s past-president.