Subject: Re Housewarmimg Bonspiel in Berwick fr Sec Bonnie
From: Middleton Curling <>
Date: 9/23/2019, 12:22 PM
To: Bonnie Morine <>

Hi Folks,

I was asked to pass on this letter and info from Mike Larsen, Berwick Curling club.

Hi Folks:
I’d appreciate if you could circulate this to your membership, and apologize if you aren’t the folks who are responsible for doing this at your Clubs anymore...
We had such a positive response last season with our opening bonspiel that we have decided to make it a regular part of the curling calendar. So our Second Annual Housewarming Bonspiel will take place October 18 to 20 in Berwick.
All the information folks need, and the way to register, is on our website... . Again this year we are opening to 32 teams, open format, 6 end games, 3 game guarantee.
To try and balance the registrations between Club members and visitors, we’ll be holding 16 spots for teams from outside the Club until October 7. After that, if all the spots aren’t filled, we’ll go to our waiting list from Club members.
Also, this year the first draw won’t start until 3 pm on Friday. Last year, we had to keep Saturday morning open so that we could have our grand opening ceremonies. With nothing like that happening this year, we can go with a more normal start time. Final games should be finished by 5 pm on Sunday.
Please pass along as best you can, and we hope to see plenty of folks from your clubs in Berwick that weekend.
Mike Larsen
Berwick Curling Club