Subject: Re Proposal for Annual General Meeting for MCC fr sec Bonnie
From: Middleton Curling <>
Date: 2/9/2020, 11:58 PM
To: Bonnie Morine <>

 Hi Everyone,

During our last Board meeting on Friday Feb. 7, a proposal was brought forth about possibly replacing the fixed theater chairs in the viewing room with moveable chairs. The reasons cited were: a) accessibility, b) versatility and c) comfort. There would be a cost factor of repairing the holes left in the floor. There are actually enough chairs in the Club to enable this change.

Please bring your thoughts and ideas to the Annual General Meeting in May (date to be confirmed at the March Board meeting). A decision will be made at that time.

For your consideration,
Bonnie Morine   MCC Secretary    Hm 902-825-2695   Club 902-825-3225