Subject: Re MCC Updates
From: Middleton Curling <>
Date: 3/23/2020, 11:53 AM
To: Bonnie Morine <>

Hi  Everyone,

Hope all are well in our new mode of isolation!

Letting you know, the ice is out as of Saturday....a big thanks to the guys who spaced themselves and shoveled the broken up ice out in wheelbarrows.
The glow paint residue was power washed off by Ernie and Allen yesterday and the floor is clean and white now! Already for new ice in the Fall!

Strange to not have curling routine....a big thanks to those that are sending in donations even though the fundraiser auction was not held. Very much appreciated as club bills still need to be paid.

Stay healthy, from Bob and Bonnie

Bonnie Morine    MCC Secretary   Hm 902-825-2695    Club 902-825- 3225