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Valentine's FunSpiel - 9 February 2019
Players on the first draw (less two).
Players on the second draw (plus two).
Funspiel Trophy presented to the winners by Nancy and Dave Acker
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First Place - Team Reesor
Ian Reesor, Laura Grant, Susan Coulter, Paul McDade
Second Place - Team Robar
uddy McKay, Kathy McKay, Cindy Robar, Larry Drew
Third Place - Team Huebner
onnie Morine, Richard Huebner, Micheline Kennedy, Bill Horsman
Fourth Place - Team Smith
oanne Crocker, Bob Smith, Nancy Acker, Karen Sotvedt
Fifth Place - Team McMurtry
llen Morris, Karla Brittney, Kent Smith, (Robert McMurtry)
Sixth Place - Team Mahar
oward Selig, Sue Smith, Dante Armstrong, Carol Mahar
Seventh Place - Team Burke
ob Clattenburg, Heather Reesor, Gerald Grant, Gerard Burke
Eighth Place - Team Dominie
arry Lohnes, Carol Stynes-Martin, Winston Dominie, Norm Moffatt
Nineth Place - Team Marshall
ric Marshall, Carolyn Anderson, Loan Kuyp, John Thompson
Tenth Place - Team McWilliams
rnie Killen, Therese Smith, John England, (Andy McWilliams)
Eleventh Place - Team Morley
ecky Robar, Dave Acker, Karen Morley, Bryce Smith
Twelfth Place - Team Coulter
ean Fry, Dave Coulter, Ank Burke, Stephen Martin
After threatening to retire his 'Kiss Me' tie because it didn't work,
Carol Martin and Joanne Crocker came forward to change his mind.
Many thanks to Nancy and Dave Acker for organizing this
their fifteenth consecutive popular Valentine's Funspiel.