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Valentine's FunSpiel - 11 February 2017
Erwin Banks,Tamela Phinney, Ank Burke, Nick Bent
Cody Spidle, Mathew Newman, Cole Sawler, Adam  Newman
Andy McWilliams, Karla Britney, Bob Clattenburg, Allen Morris
Ian Reesor, Gloria Field, Kathy McKay, Buddy McKay
Norm Moffatt, Nancy Acker, Karen Sotvedt, Graham Bell
Emily Neily, Andrew MacDonald, Winston Dominie, Angela Banks
Peter Robinson, Amy Evans, Tim Banks, Bill Horsman
Calvin MacDonald, Cheryl MacDonald, Susan Coulter, Paul McDade
John Thompson, Lucille Whynot, Dave Acker, Theresa Smith
Mike MacKinnon, Jodi Goudey, Bonnie Morine, Gerard Burke
Bruce Johnson, Dan Knickle, Jean Fry, Jim Sotvedt
Dave Coulter, Joan Kuyp, Doug Whynot, Howard Selig
1st Place & Trophy Winners - Team Irwin Banks
2nd Place - Team Cody Spidle
3rd Place - Team Allen Morris
4th Place - Team Ian Reesor
5th Place - Team Norm Moffatt
6th Place - Team Winston Dominie
7th Place - Team Peter Robinson
8th Place - Team Calvin MacDonald
9th Place - Team John Thompson
10th Place - Team Gerard Burke
11th Place - Team Bruce Johnson
12th Place - Team Dave Coulter
Prizes for Best Costume to Mathew Newman and Dan Knickle.
Junior Curlers in costume ready for action.
Thanks to Nancy and Dave Acker for organizing and hosting this day of
fun curling for the 13th year in a row since starting it.
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