2016 MCC Open & Mixed Leagues Closing Funspiel
Thursday, 31 March 2016
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Thanks to Bill Eaton for organizing this year's closing funspiel.
Winners of the coveted Trophy Plates:
Team Spidle - Dawn Spidle, Theresa Smith, Gregory MArshall, Emily Neily
2nd Place:Team Chan - Ernie Chan, Bonnie Morine, Kathy McKay, Jim Marshall
3rd Place:Team Thompson - John Thompson, Bill Horsman, Dave Coulter, Graham Bell
4th Place:Team Spidle - Cody Spidle, Tamara Jackson, Ian Reesor, Carol Mahar
5th Place:Team Johnson - Bruce Johnson, Colin McKinnon, Susan Coulter, Terry Evans
6th Place:Team Eaton - Bill Eaton, Marcy Gaul, Carla Brittany, Ank Burke
7th Place:Team Greene - Rick Greene, Karen Sotvedt, Buddy McKay, (Kyle Toset)
8th Place:Team Hole - Fred Hole, Allen Morris, Amy Evans, Bill Mahar