2015 Spring-is-Here Funspiel
Saturday, 14 March 2015
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Thanks again to Nancy and
Dave Acker for hosting this
day of fun curling.
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2015 Trophy Winners - Team Reesor
Bob Clattenburg, Ian Reesor, Kathy McKay, Buddy McKay
2nd Place - Team Durling
Eden Burke, Emily Neily, Les Durling, (Daniel Gallant)
3rd Place - Team Burke
Dave Coulter, Jean Fry, Gerard  Burke, (Kyle Banks)
4th Place - Team Spidel
Cody Spidel, Janice Hatfield, Andy McWilliams, Marcy Gaul
5th Place - Team Johnson
Bruce Johnson, Sue Coulter, Graham Bell, Elizabeth Hines
6th Place - Team Eaton
Bonnie Morine, Bill Eaton, Kristine Spidel, (Bill Horseman)
7th Place - Team Moffatt
Norm Moffatt, Barb Eaton, Angela Burke, Richard Huebner
8th Place - Team Thompson
John Thompson, Colin McKinnon, Heather Reesor, Jim Smith
9th Place - Team Schurman
Mike McKinnon, Erin Burke, Karen Sotvedt, Wayne Schurman
10th Place - Team Evans
Colby Evans, Nancy Acker, Evan Banks, Daniel Knicke
11th Place - Team Morris
Elaine Drew, Allen Morris, Liz Schurman, (Jim Sotvedt)
12th Place - Team Hole
Fred Hole, Theresa Smith, Erica Burke, Dave Acker