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2013 Lola Videto "Home & Home"
( This page was created on 13 March 2013 at 5:05 pm}
On Saturday, March 9th, MCC ladies hosted Berwick in the 36th Annual Home and Home for the Lola Videto shield. In 1977 one of the
members of the Middleton Curling Club approached George Videto, owner of Cash & Carry Building Supplies, and asked him if he would
sponsor a trophy for a “Home & Home competition” between the Middleton and Berwick Ladies Curling Clubs. He readily agreed but he
did not want his business name on it; he wanted the event named for his wife, Lola. Thus, the Lola Videto Shield was born.

In all that time only 2 years have been missed in playing for the shield. It is a friendly competition based on total points scored in the two
games of play. In past years there were two days with an eight-end game and lunch on each day. As time passed and folks got busier, the
format changed to a one-day event, two six-end games with lunch in between. The ladies of this year’s competition are pictured in the