Junior Curlers League

Junior Program for 2018/2019

Juniors are ages 13-18.  We meet once a week after school from 4-5pm.

Junior curlers will need a clean pair of sneakers and comfortable clothing to wear while on
the ice! Head gear is encouraged for all Junior curlers! Help protect your head! If interested
please contact Dawn to see available items like ball caps, headbands, or toques!

For more information about Junior Curling please call Dawn Spidle at (902) 824-3374 or email

This page was updated on
2 January 2019 at 3:45 pm.
These curlers participated in the NSCA HIT, DRAW, TAP provincial event! Each kids each got to throw a couple of practice
shots, and then 15 consecutive rocks trying to make three different shots! The kids worked very hard and we had some very high
scores! We are proud of all your hard work!
Our top scorers were:
In the 6-8 age group- Zaida Lilly!
In the 9-10 age group- Sophie Daley
In the 11-13 age group- Matthew Newman